The first month is the hardest and it literally gets easier every month after that. Be ready for no sleep the first month. The baby has to eat every 2 hours so you are not getting any sleep for the first month whatsoever. My wife breastfeed our child and so when she got up, I got up because she made me but that’s another story. My wife would hold one of my hands and my baby would hold my other hand. It was tiring and if I had to go work after that I would of hurt someone so try to take the first month off if you can.

Breastfeeding is very important and for the first 3 weeks that is the only think the baby can have. Now once we introduced formula in the 4th week, my child slept through most of the night. My daughter started with 6 hours then went to 8 hours then to 9-10 hours a night. And that is why it gets easier every month after the first month. So beware and be warned, sleep when the baby sleeps and you won’t sleep the first month.