There is a stupid nursery rhyme that says “rollover, rollover”, I think its called “Ten in bed” it’s a counting thing anyway it’s stupid.

What’s the point? – Point is that kids rollover on their own and they don’t need a stupid nursery rhyme to encourage them.

Kids are always moving and once the figure out how to rollover that’s all they do for most part. Which means they will fall if you are not watching. Don’t leave them in a elevated situation where they can rollover too may times and fall. (Couches or beds). Trust me I know. My kid rolls over and fell a couple of times and it was a very scary for both us. I picked her up, checked if anything hurts when I pressed on it, thank god nothing did and then I Just hugged her until she calmed down. I prefer to give the bottle to calm them down and it usually does the trick.

Be always watching, what your kids are doing.