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Rollover, Rollover

There is a stupid nursery rhyme that says “rollover, rollover”, I think its called “Ten in bed” it’s a counting thing anyway it’s stupid.

What’s the point? – Point is that kids rollover on their own and they don’t need a stupid nursery rhyme to encourage them.

Kids are always moving and once the figure out how to rollover that’s all they do for most part. Which means they will fall if you are not watching. Don’t leave them in a elevated situation where they can rollover too may times and fall. (Couches or beds). Trust me I know. My kid rolls over and fell a couple of times and it was a very scary for both us. I picked her up, checked if anything hurts when I pressed on it, thank god nothing did and then I Just hugged her until she calmed down. I prefer to give the bottle to calm them down and it usually does the trick.

Be always watching, what your kids are doing.

Infants, outside?

WHY? OH WHY? Would you take an infant to an amusement park?

What is the point? Do you like headaches and challenges in your life? I don’t so why do you? If you want to go to an amusement park, get a babysitter.

I get it, some people say infants shouldn’t leave the house for the first 3 months or something like that. I’m more on the lines of the first month because you don’t want to get the baby sick. But I also understand that sometimes you to need to get out of the house. So you go and pick up milk and bread and you have to bring the kid. BUT the amusement park, what is your excuse for that?

This all comes from this past weekend, my wife and I go to Hershey Park for a concert and before the concert we go to the amusement park to kill some time. I probably say 20 infants at the park and about 10 one month old babies. I just don’t get the point. You couldn’t find a babysitter than you stay home. Why harm the baby to bacteria and give yourself a headache.

I’m sorry I don’t get it. News flash – Kids memories start around 3 years old. Don’t believe me? Think back to your first memory, how old were you? 3? Probably around there so if you think your 1 year old or two year old will remember anything, you got another thing coming.

Stay home with you kids and save the money for their college funds, because we know that won’t go down anytime soon.

Pink Eye

Your kid will get everything! My 11 month old baby has pink eye, how you ask, who knows?

Is it our cats, is it another kid in Daycare, or is it just some dust particle that went into her eye and irritated my baby’s eye? Remember babies crawl, they get their hands dirty and then they touch their face, so be prepared.

You don’t know, but you have to be ready for anything. Take the kid to the doctor, they will give antibiotics eye drops and that’s all. BUT wait there is more…

You will get pink eye if you are not careful ( I got it). Wash all sheets, wash your hands always when dealing with pink eye, wipe down what your kid is touching. It’s a pain but its something you have to do.

Kids and Shoes

What is up with putting a winter jacket on an infant but not having shoes or socks on?

You must keep feet warm, a lot of health issues occur to adults who had cold feet or something like that. Your kids must have socks and shoes on.

I know they take them off, they are kids and that’s what they do and you are the parent and you put them back on.

Keep their feet warm at all times!

How? you ask… Simple shoes with laces are great. Shoes with velcro are great and easy to put on but your kids will take them off. Shoes with laces are great because you can double tie them and they will stay on. Your kids won’t be able to take them off. They are great.

Buy shoes with laces and you will keep your kids feet warm.

Fever – 12am ER visit

So when my baby started teething, she had slight fevers so Doctor said give her some Tylenol so it was simple.

Then my daughter went to Daycare and the fevers really happened.

So here is the story…

My daughter feels warm so I give her some Tylenol before bed. Around midnight, she wakes up screaming, so I go and check on her. She is on fire burning up (103 degree temp), I’m freaking out so I take her to ER.

The first thing the Doctor asks me why are you here, I tell her my baby has a fever and she goes and so why did you come. I wanted to smack the doctor but I couldn’t so I said she has a fever what do I do. The doctor says your daughter is sick so that is why she has a fever, I’m like I know that, what do I do. She is like fevers don’t hurt babies so you have nothing to worry about just give her Tylenol.

ER is a waste of time. The only time you go to ER is if the baby isn’t moving (lethargic). Another thing I learned from ER is how much Tylenol to give because it is based on the baby’s weight and I found out I wasn’t giving enough and that is why fever wasn’t going away. So ask your pediatrician how many ml to give per dose. i.e. 19lbs is 3.75ml Tylenol


Eventually you will have to put your kid into daycare.

We choice the only daycare in our area that sends out pictures of our child during the day, plus it had the warmest feel to it. Trust your gut when choosing a Daycare.

LISTEN UP! Your kid will be sick pretty much from the beginning. Doctor says it lasts for the first year of daycare. The immune system of the child has to get used all the new germs/viruses and there is nothing you can do about it. Be ready to stay home with the child even though you enrolled her into daycare.

Water Babies

When my daughter turned 6 months, we thought it would be cool to teach my daughter to swim. It didn’t turn out so well.

She hates swimming very much now that she even won’t even bath without crying.

Too much under water dunking, scared her and she even got a a really nasty diaper rash from the pool.

You got to shower the baby right after the pool, which was hard for me to avoid the rash.

Be cautious.

Pacifier / Binky

My thoughts on the Pacifier…

My wife and I didn’t use one until my daughter started teething. They will create a bad habit if you give them at the beginning of birth. When my daughter put her hands in her mouth I would tell her “no” and and took her hand out of her mouth.

When she started teething we gave her a pacifier and she used it as something to chew on and that was it. She is about 10 months now and she doesn’t even want it anymore.

If you never introduce it they will never know about it.

Nap Time

My baby slept twice a day once I got her on a schedule. She would sleep 2-3 hours at a time and still sleep 9 hours at night. Babies need rest so they can be calm and grow remember that.

How do you get a baby to sleep? It’s easy, you put them in their crib and you close the door. My baby slept after lunch (around noon) and after dinner around (4pm). I would give her her bottle and then put her to sleep.

I could tell my kid was tried because she bags under her eyes would turn red or she would be cranky or she be just rubbing her eyes.

When you put them in their crib sometimes they cry and don’t go to bed all the time. Let them cry for 5-10 minutes if the cry gets louder instead of fading away then go check on them but again let the scream a little bit for you go in there.

Remember babies like it warm and don’t sleep well in the cold so make sure you cover them with a warm blanket.

Also because it’s nap time doesn’t mean you have to be quiet and make no noise, I would talk normally and play TV and my kid got used to it so now she can sleep almost through anything.

Baby Screaming

Baby screaming is not always a bad thing. you can’t give in and pick them up every time they scream sometimes you let scream for 5-10 minutes. You eventually will know what is fake crying and real crying/screaming. My kid would start slow, intermediate cries which I knew were fake and the loud and consistent crying was when I picked up my daughter and picked her up to calm her down.

Health babies cry for food, wet diaper or crankiness. I had my daughter on schedule about around 3 months so I knew if it was time for food or nap time ( she slept twice a day).

I tried not to change that schedule because come weekends and you things change you will have a cranky baby. Remember a happy sleeps and eats and does some tummy time and that is all they do for first 6 months.


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