My baby slept twice a day once I got her on a schedule. She would sleep 2-3 hours at a time and still sleep 9 hours at night. Babies need rest so they can be calm and grow remember that.

How do you get a baby to sleep? It’s easy, you put them in their crib and you close the door. My baby slept after lunch (around noon) and after dinner around (4pm). I would give her her bottle and then put her to sleep.

I could tell my kid was tried because she bags under her eyes would turn red or she would be cranky or she be just rubbing her eyes.

When you put them in their crib sometimes they cry and don’t go to bed all the time. Let them cry for 5-10 minutes if the cry gets louder instead of fading away then go check on them but again let the scream a little bit for you go in there.

Remember babies like it warm and don’t sleep well in the cold so make sure you cover them with a warm blanket.

Also because it’s nap time doesn’t mean you have to be quiet and make no noise, I would talk normally and play TV and my kid got used to it so now she can sleep almost through anything.