WHY? OH WHY? Would you take an infant to an amusement park?

What is the point? Do you like headaches and challenges in your life? I don’t so why do you? If you want to go to an amusement park, get a babysitter.

I get it, some people say infants shouldn’t leave the house for the first 3 months or something like that. I’m more on the lines of the first month because you don’t want to get the baby sick. But I also understand that sometimes you to need to get out of the house. So you go and pick up milk and bread and you have to bring the kid. BUT the amusement park, what is your excuse for that?

This all comes from this past weekend, my wife and I go to Hershey Park for a concert and before the concert we go to the amusement park to kill some time. I probably say 20 infants at the park and about 10 one month old babies. I just don’t get the point. You couldn’t find a babysitter than you stay home. Why harm the baby to bacteria and give yourself a headache.

I’m sorry I don’t get it. News flash – Kids memories start around 3 years old. Don’t believe me? Think back to your first memory, how old were you? 3? Probably around there so if you think your 1 year old or two year old will remember anything, you got another thing coming.

Stay home with you kids and save the money for their college funds, because we know that won’t go down anytime soon.