So when my baby started teething, she had slight fevers so Doctor said give her some Tylenol so it was simple.

Then my daughter went to Daycare and the fevers really happened.

So here is the story…

My daughter feels warm so I give her some Tylenol before bed. Around midnight, she wakes up screaming, so I go and check on her. She is on fire burning up (103 degree temp), I’m freaking out so I take her to ER.

The first thing the Doctor asks me why are you here, I tell her my baby has a fever and she goes and so why did you come. I wanted to smack the doctor but I couldn’t so I said she has a fever what do I do. The doctor says your daughter is sick so that is why she has a fever, I’m like I know that, what do I do. She is like fevers don’t hurt babies so you have nothing to worry about just give her Tylenol.

ER is a waste of time. The only time you go to ER is if the baby isn’t moving (lethargic). Another thing I learned from ER is how much Tylenol to give because it is based on the baby’s weight and I found out I wasn’t giving enough and that is why fever wasn’t going away. So ask your pediatrician how many ml to give per dose. i.e. 19lbs is 3.75ml Tylenol